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    Yea Muk and Swalot are totally awesome blobs as well as poison types!

    And yea if you've seen Ash's corphish battle against a guys Swalot, or when Ash's Muk that bellsprout or Gary's pokemon you'd know about how they are abble to absorb attacks. When ash had corphish fire a bubblebeam at Swalot, they simply bounced and skidded off its body due to the elastic and blob like nature of Swalot's body. When Bellsprout/Scizor/Blastoise tried attacking Muk directly all their attack's where stopped cold and ended up in Muk's sticky clutches. :3

    Yea. And not only those two but I love a good 1/3 of the blob pokemon including Lickylicky line, Altarie line, Koffing, Ghastly line, and spheal. Its all so conviently spectacular!