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Hanso SharpEye
Hanso was silent as they gathered the dead Ancients and piled them up to burn. It wasn't a short task to be brushed aside, considering the dead weight of the Ancients. As they finished their task, Zane came around and told the rest of the Gold Tribe what he had learned from his conversation with the three Pokemon. Apparently, the three - Saul, Lashire, and Zara - were from Cape City. They'd been out getting supplies and scouting, and there was a powerful figure in Cape City who knew about the comings and goings of refugees.

There will be a pokemon there who knows all about Cape City. That had been in the letter that Penance had left behind. Hanso stood and watched the burning Ancients for a few minutes, thinking. He hadn't really considered it before, but could Penance have been out of his mind with leaving for Cape City, or only imagined this Pokemon? Hanso shook his head. No, he was sure Penance was in his normal state of mind at the time. Would a crazy Penance have left the letter? Or contacted the Gallade and spoken normally? For that matter, during their brief mental exchange, the Golduck's mind had seemed normal.

He knows what he's doing. It was just a matter of what Penance was doing... Hanso gave a brief nod to Bane and the others who had helped pile Ancients, then turned back to the campsite. He took the time to wipe off his hands and arms, then ate a short meal, drawn from the food he'd packed. From the looks of it, Zane would be taking the first watch of the night. Hanso checked on his outer sensors, then mentally placed another set right around the campsite. So the three claimed to be Cape City...scouts, they might be called. Hanso hadn't been around for the conversation itself, so he hadn't been able to gauge their words and actions.

Whether they really were part of Cape City's network - what else could it be? - or were Silver Tribe spies, or maybe even... Hanso had enough doubt in his mind to keep his sensors out, though it would be harder to detect Pokemon that flew overhead or burrowed underground. The sensors were at ground level, after all. Hanso lied down on his sleeping mat, staring up at the stars before drifting to sleep.


"So...what? You're paranoid, now?"

That didn't take long. He glared at his mirror-image as he replied, "Why would I be paranoid? They don't know anything about my plans."

"Oh, yeah, sure, so why'd you set up those sensors? Hm?" The mirror-image folded its arms. "Afraid that they're spies? Or that maybe they'll try to steal everything and leave in the dead of night?"

"Like that'll happen. They're not big enough for tha--"

"And may I remind you of what you've done? She went right ahead and told the other Sentinels, from the sounds of it, even told Auron. Nice how it worked out that his orders kept Sentry from beating all of you to a pulp."

He threw a punch at its face, but the mirror-image dissolved into nothingness, leaving him alone in the room. It was a shade of the white room that the Golduck had set him to learn to empty. At the moment, though, there were a few images swirling around like mist, images of the past few months. The only thoughts that stuck for more than a fleeting moment were of his time in the torturehouse...the poisonous injury he'd gotten from Ignitus...Roswell's betrayal, and Dark Lightning's face...Calamity as well, for that matter...Sovereign charged straight at him, reaching out to slam his prey's head into the ground--

He blasted the mirage-Tyranitar with thrown Psycho Cuts. It disappeared, but the feelings surrounding that event swirled around him. He would return the favor, that was for sure. Yes, such a thing would help the Gold Tribe, but even if they and the Alpha Alliance passed from existence, he would return the favor. Then thoughts of her intruded...she'd broken into his network, but that was nothing, compared to his confused feelings about the Gardevoir. He shouldn't be thinking of her as anything except a Sentinel, an enemy. The few images around him began reflecting their conversation, then their meeting.

Perhaps it was that that made him feel worse, rather than that seed of revenge, which was rather ridiculous. Worse than that was the guilt that came from conversing with the enemy, from what he'd told her of their movements, from what he felt--

Hanso awoke with a start, though he was sure he hadn't uttered a word or cry. It was the dark of pre-dawn, with hardly any light at all. At least he'd been able to hide much of what he'd thought during his meeting with Genevieve. So he thought. She better hold her part of the deal, and teach me what I need to learn...