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    Please help!

    Dungeon Game: Sky
    Team Name: Sunday
    Dungeon and Floor: Crystal Cave B9F
    M&JH5% F%[email protected] +MNYQ%
    MF6&RP P+2959 QCN%Y6
    YH85=X 7-=H1S 1#9+N-
    Reward: I don't know... what would you like?
    I have some exlusive items:
    Electa-Claw, Combus-Sweat, Elekid-Claw, Sudo-Sweat, Bidoof Tooth, Lucario Card, Chansey Song, Snorlax Gasp, Minun Tail, Bulba-Claw

    Rescued by Rou.Tsuki.

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