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    Originally Posted by Supervegeta View Post
    @Kawaii Pikachu- Your SU is really good! I very much like the backstory you made. There is only one slight problem that I could see. It appears from the way you described it in her history, and I'm not sure if it was intentional or not, that she is not actually with the Gold Tribe, but possibly some special force in the Alpha Alliance instead. The A.S.O.A sounds more like an academy for special Alpha Alliance training rather than Gold Tribe training.

    Which actually by no means is a problem. If you would like your character to be apart of the Alpha Alliance army rather than the Gold Tribe, I would welcome the addition with open arms. But in that case, I would ask that you simply eliminate the 'title' section of your SU, as she probably would have no need for it, at least in the same sense a Gold Tribe member would. The title can still remain, perhaps as a nickname given by her peers.

    However, if you still wanted to be apart of the Gold Tribe, and this was unintentional, then you would have to change your SU history a bit. For starts, you'd probably have to eliminate mentions of a 'commanding officer'. That would apply in the Alpha Alliance, but the Gold Tribe's only two superiors in actual rank are the leader and second-in-command (one of which is dead, the other of which is on the opposition now).

    Again, I am perfectly fine with either case, but the general feel of the SU itself says that she is more Alpha Alliance than Gold Tribe, especially with all of the specializations and military-like participation she was/is apart of. Let me know what you decide to do.

    I understand In all honesty I was stuck. I didn't know quite how to introduce my character into the Gold Tribe but still have training like you mentioned (the H.A.S. or etc.) since I am joining so late into the RP. It seems like the Silver Tribe already had a lot under their control at that time period so if I went to any type of schooling it would have had to be before the invasion. But then if that was the case then where did I spend the following days/months/years between school and the invasion? That's why I came up with the special forces idea. I could change it to where everyone in my team died defending Gold City and I went out looking for the Gold Tribe to join. Or something like that. I couldn't put that I was a member of the Gold Tribe because no one knows me. I didn't want to put I was in it and no one knew who I was this whole time. Unless there was a small platoon of them that was separated from the others and I was in the small platoon? I'm just stuck any ideas on how to tweek it would be awesome! (lol I might be over thinking things )

    I wanted my character to be like a spy in a way. She has abilities to control others and is a master in shadows. I as going for an assassin at first but that's not who Allora is as a Pokémon. So I have an idea on how I want Allora I just can't find a way to put it to paper.

    I don't mind being a part of the Alpha Alliance if you need another person there. I'm not sure what my role is there since it sounds like most of them are dead. Unless I read things wrong I'd have to do some more research into the RP if that's the case.
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