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Twihiki and Sophie, you've been added!

By the way, I noticed I made an error in the rules:

"you can only catch pokemon that are of the same level or are a lower level than the highest pokemon in your party"

should have been, and is now:

you can only catch pokemon that are of the same level or are a higher level than the highest pokemon in your party

Update Number 1
-Started up Diamond, did pregame stuff yada yada
-Went to Verity Lake with my best friend (we so tight) and got attacked by level 2 starlies! (guess I should've listened to mom about that tall grass!)
-Decided to go with Chimchar, the only starter I don't think I've completed the game with, and why not go with one of the two fire type families in all of Sinnoh?
-Beat those birds with my awesome chimchar! It's too bad he's level 5... guess that means no early route pokemon for me!
-Got a pokedex yada yada, and named my chimchar Malcolm, after Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly.
-Got pokeballs, but again can't catch anything...
-Fighting unavoidable trainers brought Malcolm up to level 8, this is not looking good!
-EPIPHANY! As soon as I got to jubilife, I raced west. No, not to the GTS, but to somewhere greater.... route 218(I think that's the route?) And after hours of fishing (no joke) I caught myself a level 8 magikarp. I kept on getting level 7 or level 9 ones. >_< I named him Jayne (this is gonna be a naming trend I guess!) Since magikarps take a ton of exp to level up, i figured I'd catch another to help stop Malcolm's assent to level 9 during my rival battle. The next one was also level 8, he was named Cobb
-Went to face my rival and JUST BARELY avoided Malcolm reaching level 9. Phew!
-Raced along to Oreburgh Mine, avoiding all the trainers along the way.
-Caught Inara the zubat, Atherton the geodude, and Badger the onix.
-With a combined effort I managed to beat Roark, thanks to screech, magikarp meat shields, supersonic and the fact that rock is normal effective against rock.
-Saw the Professor in trouble. Didn't want to get bogged down by another lecture, so I skipped around and headed North.
-Reached Floaroma, and showed some Galactic Grunts who was boss! Got honey, smeared it on two trees and went to sleep. In the morning I awoke to... OMG A WURMPLE. I ran, and resmeared. On the other tree was... Aipom! Having to leave for school I had saved beforehand.
-After school I came back to Aipom who I caught at level 11 and named Kylee, and on the other tree was... OMG A SILCOON. ran
-Beat Mars (had to try two times, I'm really low-leveled lol)
-Continued to Eterna Forest, catching Tam the wurmple, Serra the buneary, and Lenore the budew. I reached Eterna City, and ran to route 211 where I caught Jubal the bidoof, and YoSafBridg (actually Yo-Saff-Bridge, but character limit :( ) the meditite. Smeared some honey and trying to figure out what I want to do next (i.e. switch out team members, catch a ponyta even though it's higher leveled etc.)

WOW that ended up being a lot longer than I had intended it to be! My next updates should be a lot shorter than that! Here's the team by the way:

Cobb - Magikarp - Level 12
Inara - Zubat - Level 12
Atherton - Geodude - Level 12
Malcolm - Chimchar - Level 12
Kaylee - Aipom - Level 12
Badger - Onix - Level 12

If anyone has any suggestions for who from my roster of extra pokemon I should add to my team in place of someone else, I'm all ears! :D
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