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    NAIT the TWILI
    Lon Lon Ranch

    Chapter One: Part Two
    Master of Disguise

    In the silence, Nait perked his ears to hear something of a humanoid's howl. Something about the tone caused a rush of sympathy to well up in him. He glanced at the woman. She wasn't paying attention. Good. He closed his eyes, his pelt began to glow with odd teal markings, and his body dissolved into a mist that seeped out of the building. "Hmm?" Malon glanced up from her book to see that the cat was now gone. "Huh... Again...? I'll have to look for a hole in the walls or something, that's the fifth disappearing act that cat has made."

    Nait reformed outside, sitting calmly behind the boy who most likely caused the noise. "Your voice... It brings sorrow to my heart..." After likely startling the boy, Nait shifted his form to its regular Twili appearance. He took a slow step closer to the kid, curious more than he was cautious. "No danger could come of approaching you... I must ask... What could possess you to sing such a sorrowing song?"