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    Tatal's eyes widened in shock as he heard an unfamiliar voice emanate from behind him. He wasn’t aware that someone had followed him, possibly from the trail he made in the dirt with the Deku Stick that still resided within his hand. As if to respond to this, he abruptly removed his grip on the stick and it fell to the ground, looking pitiful to Tatal but it was almost no different from himself seeing as soon as his companions let him go, he fell to the earth as well. Tatal remained keeping his back towards the person, seeing as if they wanted to strike him down; they could have done so long ago.

    The stranger approached him as evidence by the sound of footsteps and also Tatal felt a stare of intrigue upon himself. Finally showing a form of acknowledgement, although keeping his back turned, Tatal responded with an explanation.

    “I am too much of a sight for sore eyes,” he replied as ashamed as he could. “I have been banished from my people and I must refrain from telling you of my origins but instead I demand you inform me of a place of refuge.” He said crossly but with a hint of desperation in his voice, not angered by the person in his presence but still at the people who he had lived among for years.