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    @KingKaos: It's fine to make waves; the reason I was going with the town hall idea was that HTS, Fuyu and I made posts, ignorant to the other's, that involved the town hall. Not only that, but also because it gives the RP more life and it's less me guiding you guys and more us going along with each other. Granted I get the supreme command, but I'm fine with people adding their own elements (on purpose or otherwise) as long as it doesn't create chaos. Then I have to put my foot down and put someone in the corner. I'm crazy enough to do it. But yeah you have other priorities to deal with so that's fine.

    @Fuyu: No that's not okay you should know I had plans of my own and you're stomping right on my toes MIXED SIGNALS!!!! Yeah that's fine! I had plans for either staying in-state or leaving right away, but if you're doing that then I shall think with that in mind! :b
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