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Jumping on the rainforest bandwagon here. We've had regular forests before, but we've never had an actual rainforest-type area. I thought Hoenn would have been the perfect place for an area like this since it was a tropical region, but there's always the chance it could happen here. A light shower of rain, a plethora of numerous Pokémon, and possibly the location of a hidden Legendary. I think the idea of a rainforest if a good one. Maybe even suitable for a Safari Zone. Just throwing it out there.

Originally Posted by Wulfsige85 View Post
i think its going to be the whole world
Haha, I don't think we've quite gotten that far yet. Each new region is based off of a different existing country. Seeing as we have over hundreds and hundreds of countries that exist in the world today, to base the locations off of the whole world seems unlikely. Otherwise, what's going to be left for future generations?

I can see multiple European landscapes having an influence over new locations though; particularly those closest to France maybe.
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