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    Originally Posted by Spiky-Eared Pichu View Post
    News update: I have finished a trainer class editor, which will allow you to add/edit/remove trainer classes (name and sprite). Music and animations are not supported yet simply because I have no idea where the data is.

    I have also rewritten the ROM load/save code to make it faster and safer. The "game.nds" errors won't show up anymore, and the game will now be loaded in the same folder it's located, not in SDSME's. That will also allow you to have multiple windows of SDSME opened at the same time safely :D
    Awesome, since trainer editor was really useful, I've compiled some new scripts for BlazeRuby.
    I still can't figure out while Max 8 won't load my png files file trying to export some maps into imd.
    Works for the first map Twinleaf(can be imported to imd with no errors), then errors for other maps(unknown error)..

    Lately, I've been successfully importing some maps without textures, so therefore I won't need to upload pics.
    And I guess Photoshop CS6 is awesome for editing some pictures and graphics.

    Pokemon BlazeRuby will be officially release on June 7th 2013, with new maps, and a few scripts...
    and will be uploaded on pokemonregen website.
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