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    Team Epic (recruiting)
    (Pokemon Ruby hackers)


    I am making Team Epic because I have always loved the Pokemon series and enjoy computers. I love making small programs and things like that. I have some free time, but am also looking for a co-leader for the team. When you apply; do not ask to be co-leader. I will pick by who I perceive is the most dependable and who has the best leadership skills. Team Epic is a Pokemon ROM hacking team that is currently working on "Pokemon: Blue Aura" and needs a team to complete. That is the soul reason why I am making this team. I need hackers willing to work hard, and ones that I can depend on to help and your talent as a hacker. I look forward to your applications. Thank you and happy hacking!

    Application Form

    Proof of Work:
    Are you on any other teams:

    Current Roster

    Acecaldwell01 - Leader - Marketing (userbars, ect.) - Spriter
    JNathan - StoryLiner
    Nintendork15 - OW maker and insertion
    C_r_e_a_m_p_u_f_f - Fakemon manager - coleader - scripter
    Fenne-kun - Storyline - music
    Pepster98 - Mapper

    Current Projects

    We are currently working on Pokemon: Blue Aura. I will need a story liner(s) to make the whole story because I am not that creative. The star pokemon in the story is Lugia and the starters will be: Machop, Elekid, and Starly.

    Needed Roles

    Pokemon Spriters
    Sprite Insertion
    Advertisement help
    beta testers(When completed)
    ASM maybe....
    Title Screen Editor(NTME)
    (More may come to thought)

    Join Team Neon! We are working on a Team Rocket based RPG Game!