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Originally Posted by Claire* View Post
I would always welcome another villain. Just as long as the characters are well thought out and introduced. Maybe it can be a character with no previous binds with the other sentinels. Like a secret spy of Auron's that shows up to provide reinforcements. We only know he is a Sentinel based on his proper papers. Hmm....mind rambling, story ideas coming....gah make it stop!

Anyway, I would look forward to another Sentinel. At times it can be hard to keep interaction going amidst the Silver Tribe. Maybe another girl character? Please? :3
Hah, if I had made a Silver Tribe character (at least the one I'm thinking of) this was going to be the type of path I would take. She wouldn't really be known to the other Sentinels, and perhaps might even be a pokemon foreign to Auron that happened to be around when they all got "infected" by the Silver Crystal. If that were alright with Supervegeta, of course.
She would likely have some sort of dramatic history that I've yet to think of.
And, yes, she would be a girl. x3
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