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Celebi because time travel sounds neat. :D
Rotom because I also think being a Rotom would be neat.
Golurk, because I HAVE FREAKING ROCKETS IN MY FEET TO FLY WITH or something. xD
Latios because I'd be super fast, and be pretty darn powerful.
Cloyster, because from as far as I can remember, I'd be able to survive a blast from a nuclear warhead.
Breloom, because I get to become somewhat of a professional fighter. Man, if I could use Breloom in Punch-Out...
Tropius, because I'm now a flying dinosaur with a infinite amount of bananas.
Zoroark because using Illusion powers would be awesome!
Ledian because- well, I don't really know. It's horrible competitively (Evolution, GAMEFREAK. Please.) but it's always been my favourite Bug type.
And Jirachi, so I can make wishes for myself- if it works that way. If not, well, being a Jirachi couldn't be that bad. Steel typing.