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Ignoring what's already been said about them being complex, I personally think that sometimes they are signs. I think that people, dead and alive, can send you messages through dreams. I had a dream after my grandfather died where he was getting mad at my uncle for sitting in the chair he used to sit in, then he got mad that they replaced his tv in the house, which is funny, because it was something he'd do if he was still here. My cousin's husband had a dream the night before my paw paw died and in that dream, my paw paw gave David the remote to the tv and told him, "Make sure you keep the volume up loud. People think I do that cause I can't hear, but I really just like to piss'em off."

I'd continue, but I already think you guys think I'm weird for thinking that. v_v I'm not saying it's true, it's just my personal feelings on it, so if you feel the need to scientifically disprove me, then whatever. lol

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