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Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
sweet release man. I'll be sure to post back after I play the alpha.
Thanks, did u end up playing it?

Originally Posted by easo87 View Post
Love this simply as my whole family is from Traralgon!! Good luck with it!
Haha well this game is especially for you!
I also live in Traralgon, up west end..

Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
On a happier note, I'm glad Alpha 0.5 is out I'll play it and check for bugs that aren't THAT visible.

Edit: I completed the shooort Alpha. There were a lot of grammatical errors, but I believe you can fix em. The other errors are that your reflection shows when u go near ur mom's drawer. The sound of the Reshiram sounded a weeee bit corrupted. Before the ginger Team Galactic member (Idk whether it was Jupiter or Mars.) there was a white screen thingy blocking the screen for a split second. The head of the OW doesn't bob, which is strange because other sprites bob Cyrus doesn't seem to have much eyebrows and seem to have a big head :D and I'm pretty sure you know the side effects of trans textboxes.... and LOL at Danii's OW! I'll update you later if I find anymore. I'm just wandering around now xD
Lol yes its very short, hence why its alpha 0.5..
Yeah ill be fixing all the bugs and little things in the coming weeks.
That white screen thingy has something to do with an ASM routine i inserted but ive figured out how to fix it.
Haha yea daniis ow is hilda but ive got no room for her for now
Thanks for your awesome feedback bro

Originally Posted by Ice-Dragon View Post
This hack is brilliant, so far. I love the tiles, storyline and the dialogue boxes especially.
Can't wait for the next release.
Thank you im glad you enjoyed it.
Pokémon Ice Version

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