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I'm not big on tv shows or movies really, but I am anticipating Book 2 of The Legend of Korra. And I'd like to see Catching Fire. I didn't even plan on seeing the Hunger Games, but I enjoyed it and will probably continue to see the rest of the movies in the series...even though there's only three lol.

As for music, Klippy said Kings of Leon is supposed to have a new album this year, though I haven't heard any such news. :( I'm just hoping he's right, so that's my musical anticipation for 2013. When it comes to music, I just like to discover it as I go through the year. But Kings of Leon has been my favorite band for years, so of course that's one of the only groups I actively keep up with. Considering one of them just had a child though, idk I feel like there won't be anything new this year, but I see Jared tweeting about being in the studio and practicing sometimes...though he could be talking about his other band Smoke and Jackal. Yes, I keep up more with the Kings than the Kardashians. Sue me.

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