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Varian Sigmund- The Broken Keg, Dalenham

Varian cocked an eyebrow at Evelynn. He found her rather strange, although quite alluring too. But he was in no particular mood to call her out on her eccentricity nor attempt to make a move at her either. He found mixing work and pleasure never turned out right, so he had decided quite a long time ago not to get involved with anyone he worked with. Which was a particular shame now because of the large quantity of women with the group. Highly attractive women. Varian raised his ale a bit into the air along with Ava and Evelynn, though he didn't care to bash mugs together with them. It was nothing personal, but in their line of work, friends were hard to come by, or more appropriately put keep. There were others that sometimes worked with him alongside Cass, but they were with whatever Gods they believed in now. The thing Varian found darkly humorous was that he couldn't remember a single one of their names. Not one.

Varian smirked at Ava's mention of the Magnificent Seven as a group name. "Hmm, not sure that name will stick..." He said aloud, though he kept the reason to himself. What happens if one of them died? Do they chop off a number? Do they keep doing so until only Cass and Varian remain again, and they're known as the Magnificent Duo?

As Bofvar and Cass had their drinking contest, Varian was snapped out of his thoughts as Cass's body hit his shoulder, and then slumped onto the ground. He checked the mugs around her, noticing the Lion's Roar, and shaking his head as he took another gulp of his own drink.

"Well, might as well get her off the floor..."

He knelt over and picked up her body. In her unconscious state, Cass was apparently having some sort of drunk-filled delusion, and she continued to speak in gibberish and flail around a bit, perhaps still assuming she was fighting someone. Varian easily slung her body over his shoulder as he proceeded to get her out of the area. Cass flailed once more, her boot accidentally hitting a patron right on the head. He yelled in pain, and stood up.

"Hey, Highman! Just what do you think you're doing!?" He yelled at Varian. Varian, unsure of what happened, turned his body around to face the man. "Hmm?" He said as he turned, only to have Cassandra's foot inadvertently connect with the man's face once more. He doubled back, and held his nose, from which blood now flowed freely. Varian examined the patron, confused as to how he acquired the injury. "You ought to check on that nose, friend. You would not want to dirty up the place even more with your own gash."

The patron angrily huffed at Varian. "My own gash, is it?!" He grabbed for a bottle he had close by it and flung it right at Varian. Varian, who anticipated the bottle, ducked down, and the bottle flew to the other side of the bar, nailing another patron square in the head. The patron instantly fell to the ground, blood able to be seen from his head. His companions with him all gathered around. One of them, a bit taller than the others, looked over to the side of the bar where Varian stood. Varian noticed an insignia on his shirt which prominently displayed the colors of the League of Warriors, a figther's guild in Eveamoor. Great.

"Who threw that bottle?!" He shouted. At this moment, Cass had temporarily come to for a moment, her vision blurred, but noticing Varian looking off into the side at someone. She reached for a bottle positioned at the side of the table, and threw it in that direction, missing the Lead of Warriors member badly and instead hitting the side of another patron on the far side of the room. The man yelped, and clutched his arm in pain, and his own compatriots, seeing the League of Warriors man standing, assumed he had done it. The third party began entangling with the second, and the League of Warriors men aimed at both Varian and the initial man and friends upon who's boot Cass had connected with. Varian, seeing that he was in the middle of both side's conflict, threw Cass's body right at a man who attempted to strike him. Varian then grabbed his ale and downed it all in one go, before smashing it onto the face of a man behind him. All around, chaos erupted. Varian turned to Ava, Alys, Bofvar, and Evelynn.

"Oi! Don't just sit there! Get off your as*es and start hitting people!"

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