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    Name: Joel
    Age: 14
    History, Bio: basically a loner with few friends but commonly underestimated
    Friends: they died in the war that caused the Lich
    Species: human/angel/demon
    Enemies: only the man in the story and the other him
    Likes: climbing, swimming, thinking
    Dislikes: mistakes in his past

    A story for his mission: as a 7 year old he was in the carnival with his family. it was crowded and there was pushing everywhere. he was separated from his family in the crowd. they pushed him until he reached a tent. standing in front of the tent was a tall man with a white case that had a swirl of black in the middle. he captured him and put him in the case with great speed and power. in the case he met god (or glob in adventure time). the god gave him a pure white sword that always glowed and could only cut evil. he used the sword to break out but doing so caused such a blast that he split into two people. one that was mostly good with a touch of evil sealed in his left eye. the other mostly evil with a touch of good sealed on his right eye. the good him was weaker but much smarter and had the heaven sword that had gifted him special abilities but the sealed evil bribed him with power of its own. the bead was opposite in strength and knowledge but the devil gave him 2 pure evil red swords and ruthlessness with abilities of its own but the good could reach him if necessary. with no knowledge of his power the evil him left the good him to fight alone to the tall man. but he was no mach so swore to kill the man and purify himself from his other self. even though his other self would try to kill him right after the purification.

    the back-story isn't that great but it explains his reason. I don't know if it counts that the demon possesses his body for species. i don't know if i should have put the story in the bio but i wasn't sure . I hope the story was good enough for you it was actually a dream i had once and it was so amazing it has been 7 years and i still haven't forgotten it. we are supposed to post here right?
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