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@Kawaii Pikachu- You probably should have gotten the summary before you signed up. It might have helped rid you of any confusion that you may or may not have had, but that's fine. Between her graduating from her academy and the invasion, she would have likely spent time with many different Gold Tribe members, working in teams, separately on certain assignments, keeping the peace where she was stationed. The Gold Tribe, before the invasion, was quite large, having over a thousand members in their ranks. It was only after the invasion that many of them died and what was left is this small group of survivors that have either been in Liberty Town from the start or they picked up along the way. Many of the current remaining members of the Gold Tribe therefore likely may have not known each other prior to the invasion, or possibly only by reputation or occasional sights. So you wouldn't have had a problem there.

You see, after the invasion was complete and everything fell under Silver Tribe control, most of the Gold Tribe went underground, hiding wherever they could to get a chance to strike. Many of the current Gold Tribe now in the group were ones picked up along the way somewhere, coming out from hiding once news spread that the Alpha Alliance was back and that some Gold Tribe members survived.

As for the spy idea, there is probably a small portion of the Gold Tribe that focus primarily on reconnaissance and other secretive action, though I haven't really mentioned anything of the sort. You can feel free to name it and make it up, if you like, and I'll run with it.

I don't really need a person there, it just seemed to be the direction you wanted to go with the SU. If you want Gold Tribe, by all means go for it. Hope this info helps.

Do you think you want the summary of the RP now before you revise? It may help you as you retouch.

@Nakuzami- Sovereign wasn't really known to the other Sentinels when he joined later, so if you want to take that path of making a post-invasion Sentinel, you may. Though Auron wouldn't have let him into the Sentinels if he wasn't aware of him/her, or at least aware of their capabilities as a fighter/leader.

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