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Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
The only horror game I own is Amnesia and I will never ever play it. I even have my own category for it in Steam:

Old Resident Evil wouldn't be for you then. The Gamecube remake of the first game is one of my favorite games ever, but it still wouldn't be for you. You've got a big mansion with more hallways than what is necessary for any architectural structure, crawling with zombies, zombie dogs, biologically engineered horrors, ammo and health is scarce (especially on harder difficulties) and there's also puzzles. There's also a fair amount of backtracking through said mansion filled with horrors if you do things incorrectly. And in the gamecube remake, we have Crimson Heads.



- Segment from one of the few genuinely frightening apocalyptic logs Capcom has ever written.
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