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I'm starting this with the Pokemon Emerald randomizer to make the challenge a little more fun. It randomizes the starter pokemon and pokemon that appear.

- My starters happened to be Houndoom, Vulpix, and Ninetales. I was thinking of re-randomizing, but I decided against it and went with Houndoom.
- Caught Chimecho (female) at level 3 on the first route. My team now consists of a male Houndoom and a female Chimecho. The Chimecho only knows Wrap, so it won't be much help.
- The Chimecho got annihilated by a wild Entei, time to find another female.
- Caught a female Numel on the next route (north of Oldale), guess I got a fiery pair.
- Guess what, the Numel got killed by a Jirachi. Time to find yet ANOTHER female.