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    "I want to talk to you about something."
    "It's about when I first met you in Accumula Town. I was shocked when I heard what your Pokémon was saying. I was shocked because that Pokémon said it liked you. It said it wanted to be with you."
    "I couldn't understand it. I couldn't believe there were Pokémon that liked people. Because, up until that moment, I'd never known a Pokémon like that. The longer my journey continued, the more unsure I became. All I kept meeting were Pokémon and people who communicated with one another and helped one another. That was why I needed to confirm my beliefs by battling with you. I wanted to confront you hero-to-hero. I needed that more than anything."

    This was N's piece after you've defeated Ghetisis and N at N's castle. As there was a thread that speculates what would happen if Ghetsis won with his plans, what if N won with his ideology perspective? Would he still go on with his belief that pokemon and humans should be separated? Would he have secondary regrets? Would he still believe that Reshiram and Zekrom hold beliefs that were equally true? Where would the story go from here?

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