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    Hi, I'm interested in several of your pokes... and some others I did not see... If by any chance you have one of this, and you're interested in what I have to offer please let me know.


    I was quite shocked by your Nidoran Flawless Male... You still have it? If not, have you crossed with any of the following pokes?

    1. Vulpix/Ninetales (female); level any, with DW ability (Drought).
    2. Poliwag (or family, females); level any, with DW ability (Drizzle).
    3. Munna/Musharna (female); level any, with DW ability (Telepathy).
    4. Torchic (or family, females); level any, with DW ability (Speed Boost).
    5. Bulbasaur (or family, female); level any, with DW ability (Chlorophyl).

    I can offer the following:
    1. Imposter Ditto (untrained)
    1.5 Ditto with 0IVs in Speed... Legit
    2. Dratini (DW ability and Extremespeed learned)
    3. Sableye (DW ability)
    4. Lickitung (DW ability)
    5. Cottonee (DW ability)
    6. Deerling shiny (untrained)
    7. Riolu (DW ability)
    8. Genesect (legit and untrained)

    If interested please send me an PM so we can arrange something. Thanks in advance.

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