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UPDATE: I'm going to be making some small changes to the dex in that I'm going to remove a few of the suckier fakemon ideas and replace them with a couple of newer ideas so some things you will be seeing will include
- Jack-O-Lanturn fakemon (grass/ghost)
- Lightbulb Fakemon (electric/steel)
- Male and Female dancer pokemon (ghost)

Other changes to the dex may include cutting the number of pokemon I plan to use (only by a small amount) or replacing them with gen 6 pokemon of the same type if I haven't gotten past this stage by October.

I have completed planning up to the poison gym at this point.

Planning of towns has begun.

Planning of rival teams has begun.

Battle Island will now be the site of a battle frontier although there is going to be a twist.

Pending changes to the dex it is at this point over half way complete in regards to descriptions and move-sets of fakemon. I'll be updating the OP according to this post soon.
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