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Start of Ultimate Monocolor Challenge #5 - Black.

Time to start a Black monocolor! Going with FireRed first, which will also be a Snorlax solo run, so it should be over pretty quickly.

Update #1 on FireRed.

Name: Black
Starter: Snorlax
  • Hacked in a L2 Snorlax as my starter and named him Grumpy.
  • Beat Blue with the help of a Potion.
  • Grinded my way to Pewter City and lost against Brock.
  • Grinded some more, got to L13 when Grumpy learned Belly Drum, then beat Brock pretty easily with it and Headbutt.
  • Made my way through Mt. Moon without much trouble and reached Cerulean City.
  • Challenged the gym right away and beat Misty.
  • Did Nugget Bridge and saved Bill, then headed down to Vermilion City.
  • Went through the S.S. Anne and got Cut.
  • Defeated Lt. Surge easily with Secret Power.
  • Got the Flash HM, then went through Rock Tunnel to Lavender Town.
  • Zipped over to Celadon City and the Dept Store, where I bought some vitamins.
  • Picked up the Fly HM, then cleared out the Team Rocket Hideout.
  • Challenged the gym and defeated Erika easily with Body Slam.
  • Flew back to Lavender Town and scaled Pokemon Tower to save Mr. Fuji.
  • Got the Poke Flute, woke both Snorlax up, then went down Cycling Road to Fushia City.
  • Got the Surf and Strength HMs, then saved inside the gym.

Team Black:

Grumpy the Hardy Snorlax, ♂ - L45 @ Cleanse Tag
Ability: Immunity
Moves: Secret Power, Rock Slide, Brick Break, Body Slam

HM Slaves:

Ch'Ding/Farfetch'd - Cut, Fly

Vaporeon - Surf

Cubone - Strength

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