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About time I posted here to appreciate Dero's work.

Those avatars and sigs have some of the most awesome graphics I've ever seen on any tags made by a member here. The nice combination of colors, text, pictures and the fact some of them even have like a fancy effect or something shows how talented you are in digital art. I do like your current signature's graphics, has a nice splash effect on it.

Also, some of the other tags you make have less color but basically the colors fit in with what's being showcased, like there's a whole theme to it. I do like how well you alternate between multicolors and those of one or two colors. The effects you used on some sig requests (like the ones Patchisou Yutohru, TwilightBlade, Cirno and Jellicent♀) are pretty stylized and I have to try and learn how you make those graphics sometime. I may have gotten inspired by you now as a result.

I totally have to give a perfect 10 to your work, just because.
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