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    Originally Posted by Chaos Fork View Post
    Could u b able to trade me a DW vulpix? I'm fine with any nature, gender, EV and IV
    Sorry, I honestly don't hav any DW pokes u don't have but I do hav some legendaries lying around.
    Maybe a kyogre or something, I can give u most legends except events pokes, mewtwo, rayquaza and cresselia. There are probably a few others too
    Sorry, I didn't see this. Let me know if you're still interested so that I can start breeding one.

    Originally Posted by Evoslingerr View Post
    Hi, I'm interested in several of your pokes... and some others I did not see... If by any chance you have one of this, and you're interested in what I have to offer please let me know.

    1. Vulpix/Ninetales (female); level any, with DW ability (Drought).
    2. Poliwag (or family, females); level any, with DW ability (Drizzle).
    3. Munna/Musharna (female); level any, with DW ability (Telepathy).
    4. Torchic (or family, females); level any, with DW ability (Speed Boost).
    5. Bulbasaur (or family, female); level any, with DW ability (Chlorophyl).

    I'm really not interested in them being shiny, or having perfect IV's. I just need the dream world ability, and of course, I need them to be females. I've made a small list of the Pokémon I've considered to be my best choice for trade. Please, let me know if any interests you. If none does, i'll PM you again to propose something different.

    1. Imposter Ditto (untrained) - would only trade for either Torchic or Bulbasaur with their DW abilities.
    1.5 Ditto with 0IVs in Speed... Legit
    2. Dratini (DW ability and Extremespeed learned)
    3. Sableye (DW ability)
    4. Lickitung (DW ability)
    5. Cottonee (DW ability)
    6. Deerling shiny (untrained)
    7. Riolu (DW ability)
    8. Genesect (legit and untrained) - would only trade for either Torchic or Bulbasaur with their DW abilities.

    If interested please send me an PM so we can arrange something. Thanks in advance.

    There aren't any DWf Torchics or Bulbasaurs, sorry :/ They only came out as males.
    I can breed you munna, poliwag and vulpix. I'd like your shiny Deerling for them. As long as I'm allowed to trade it
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