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    update #2

    Caught jasmine the eevee
    Caught Blueberry the eevee
    Caught Riane the Geodude
    put the exe share on Melon as i can't use him anymore
    despoited jasmine for Riane
    went to the battle co. to train riane and tina
    deposited melon into pc and took back jasmine
    leveled everyone except jasmine/blueberry to level 25 don't want to lvl them until i get the items to evolve them which is in the 4th gym town both of them
    Riane Evolved into a Graveler
    spent half an hour looking for watson in castelia finally found him
    Challenged Watson his manectric swept my entire team twice,it was higher lvl'd then i thought at lvl 27
    trained everyone to lvl 28except the eevees
    Challenged Watson again Rocketman is such a tank we won :D
    Challenged Burgh we lost badly
    trained everyone to lvl 30
    Challenged Burgh again i want to stop depending on rocketman but nope rocketman was a beast

    Team so far
    Rocketman Genesect
    lvl 31 serious nature
    slash/flame charge/metal claw/screech

    Deadmau Quagsire
    lvl30 relaxed nature
    Aqua tail/slam/acid spray/ mud bomb

    Tina Vulpix
    lvl 30 Careful nature
    Flame burst/will-0-wisp/confuse ray/faint attack

    Riane Graveler
    lvl 30 Docile nature
    Rock polish/Rock blast/Magnitude/Rollout

    jasmine Eevee(O.O yay dream world ability)
    lvl 20 Mild nature
    Sand-Attack/Growl/Quick attack/Bite

    Blueberry Eevee
    lvl 20 hasty nature
    Sand-Attack/Growl/Quick attack/Bite