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    Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
    I want it to be really challenging to catch them, it just makes it more fun. I want there to be lots of little puzzles to solve, and I want my intellect to be tested as well. Also give some of them Rest so that they're really hard to catch like Rayquaza. And almost all should only be available after the E4.

    Yeah, rest is awfully annoying on a legendary, especially on Rayquaza. And that's a good point too; I'd like legendaries to be even trickier to catch, because of their movesets, like Rest, or Heal Bell / Recover.

    Another thing I wanna mention is that in R/B/Y, pokeballs - even ultra balls even 'miss' pokemon like Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno, which it can be kinda annoying and pretty difficult to capture legendaries if that sort of trick came back as well.

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