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    Originally Posted by WeightyWillBill View Post
    The only reason a new type would need to be created is to give a boost to poison types who suffer severely from lack of reliable, powerful STAB since grass is the only thing weak to it. It would also be helpful if it were to be resisted by ice types who need the extra defensive help.

    This is about the only way I could see them adding a new type. It's fairly balanced as it is now. As stated by many, many others above me, Dark and Steel were only introduced to bring a bit more balance to the system. Although other types would be a fun change, but it would take a very large re-working of a very familiar system. It could throw off alot of people, New Players might be able to take it with stride, but anyone that's been playing since Gen 2 would probally have alot of trouble adusting, and the thing would end up being a bunch of fan-hate even though some people would really like to see new types (Light, Digital)

    I also don't see the need for a type that can directly counter dark, as Dark is already weak to Fighting, and there are some nice Fight types out there already.
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