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pepperton // phillippa watson
thunder arena // new york city, usa
"I'll help in whatever way I can, as long as we can get to that teleport. I'm very quick, if that helps with anything... Normally, I could fly over there and kick some ass, but that's not happening today without any equipment."

"Used to solo. Unarmed, quick, acrobatic. Plan?"

"Party up! How high are the levels of those monsters? We're..."

"Yeah sure, I'm up for it."

Four other DAEMONs answered Pepperton's cry for help; a normal person (ugh, boring), a cat girl, japanese dragon, and a monkey. Philippa sighed, blowing her fringe upwards. She could have pooped better teammates but it was far better than soloing this. Of course, Philippa had to remember that unequipped and unskilled DAEMONS were the norm and that she couldn't judge anyone for being underleveled since level 1 was the average level.

Plan?" the dragon started to organise something. "Let's pick one monster. Anyone who feels confident in fighting close up, since we've got no real skills or weapons now, can take it on in a group. The rest can try to keep the other monsters at bay until the first one is slain, and then we switch monster to focus on and so on... Also, no trying to kill each other instead because that's just horrible. What do you think?"

"Teamwork is the only way at the moment," the monkey sighed, sounding a little irritated as if it was the obvious answer. Well, it was the obvious answer but he didn't have to be rude about it. "Why don't we just team rush it all?"

"Because that's stupid. You'll die being careless like that," Pepperton shook her head. "I like," Philippa quickly checked the dragon's username, "Ryuujinx's idea. But switching in and out as much as possible to avoid any kind of breaks in between where they can attack us. These monsters should drop low level loot. Equip it as soon as you can. Sound good?"

"Whatever you say, boss," the monkey (who, by username, was uncreatively called MonkeiBoy_89) shrugged. Pepperton shot him a look. His apathetic attitude was fast growing old, especially in a dire situation like this.

"... Good. Everyone else?"
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