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She didn't answered my question, though maybe she didn't hear me. Or maybe she didn't want to tell me. She seemed scared of me, as if I would yell at her or insult her, but I could not figure out why. She also began crying again, something that I linked to her cut knee. "Well, you don't need to cry about it..." Unsure about how to deal with this it was all I could say. "I am not angry, so don't cry..." I remember when my sister came home crying sometimes and I never knew why. I'd always try to make her feel better though. "When my sister cries I tell her it's okay and I gave her my toys, but that was when I was young and I don't think you want toys... Are you sad because your knee hurts? We can go to the nurse if it is..." I said nervously, I didn't want her to cry more. "We can go to the nurse and she can make it better..."
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