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    Originally Posted by Matzeho1996 View Post
    You can take bulbasaur
    But only you beat brock

    How do you think i will beat roxanne with a nincada?
    One question: how can i spoil, because i want to show you whats going on with my crazy team ;-)
    i think it's something to do with doing
    If this works, just do [SPOILER and [/SPOILER but then with ] at the end of both
    . Also, I got Brock's Onix down to half HP using only a lvl. 12 Beedrill and a Lvl 13. Pidgey, also, I won't use bulbasaur, that would be cheating or at least not really playing by the rules, so i wont use it, I will post an update at the end of the day.

    EDIT: Like i said, i would add an update at the end of the day, so here it is:
    So, at the start of the challenge, i didn't know how to make screenshots, so i won't have any to explain by.
    At the start i chose bulbasaur, but as soon as i got my poké dex and -balls i caught the first pidgey I met on route 1 and named it weed. Then i deposited the Bulbasaur and went and catched a Weedle, named Basez (No i do not have any idea how i came up with that, or any of my other names) . i trained them up to lvl 12 (Beedrill) and lvl. 13 (Pidgey) and challenged brock, just to see if it was even managable. Suprising enough, i beat his Geodude and got his Onix down to half-hp. Then i went and grinded (SOOO BORING) both of them up to lvl. 15. I challenged Brock again and using Fury Attack and Quick Attack i managed to beat him!

    Off to a good start, i went ahead and rushed through Route 3. At the end of which, Mt. Moon, A Pokémon Center, and in that Center was the man we all love:

    So i was like: Why not? Seeing as i still had no way of catching a fresh Gyarados anyway... I named it Jollz

    Off into Mt. Moon i went, switch training my magikarp to lvl. 9. At the end things got a bit messed up but Weed evolved!

    Then off into victory i went!

    I went and did my Rival (Named Matzeho) battle. But due to me still switch training, this happened. I call it "Boringness"

    Then it was time to challenge Misty. Here's my team at that point:

    Misty was a pushover. I used 3 Twineedles with Basez and i won. She could only pull of one Water Pulse.

    Off to Vermillion!
    Once i got there, i immediately went to the Digglet cave, So i could cath a diglett which i could evolve and use for the gym. I cought one and named it Digsies, for some reason.

    The S.S. Anne was a complete pushover.

    As always, here is my team for Surge:

    Surge also was a pushover using Diglett

    And then, at the end, it finally payed off:

    I have to say, this is the first time i actually switch-train a magikarp all the way up to lvl 20. But it was worth it! After that i did some training to let Jollz catch up with the rest. Now i already have 2 fully evolved team members, 2 NFE team members, and 2 left to catch/get (Arcanine and Jolteon)
    Then here is my team for today, i say i did a pretty nice job:

    So uhm yeah, i wear ties, and that's all.