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I'm mixed on the idea. I mean, there would be tons of gaps to fill as far as questions are concerned. For example, how did the mother knew of these previous Nintendo characters, and what was her relationship with them, etc? I mean, maybe I'm just thinking too deep about these things, but I'd at least would like some sort of explanation of how she got to know Samus or something, like if they were good childhood friends or something like that.

....Yeah, it's a pretty awkward scene, and something that I'd think would get more questions than answers about. XD It'd be really nice in theory, but it would have to be implemented with such precision that it doesn't come off as really awkward or anything like that.

Maybe something like an old Link or Mario poster in your room would be something ideal. And I hope you could finally play that Wii/Wii U(perhaps?) console that's been sitting in your room for like ever, but that's just me. xD;


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