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I actually disagree with the people saying a new type would upset the type balance - it strikes me as a far easier way to level the playing field than giving massive buffs to Poison, Ice, Grass, Bug etc etc while trying to think of some way to cut down Dragon types. However, having to change the type of truckloads of old Pokémon, introducing new moves / abilities etc etc would be quite the undertaking on GameFreak's part, not to mention something of a headache for fans.

I am against the creation of new types, primarily because all the fan ideas are either redundant (Light just seems unnecessary) or downright terrible ('Sound', the type exclusively built for Exploud!). If they manage to come up with a pokémon that doesn't fit into any of the current types (and isn't based on something manmade) then I won't be mad at GF creating a new type for them, but it's hard for me to picture one.
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