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Hack Name: Pokémon Andesite
ROM base: Pokémon Fire Red [BPRE] v1.0
Language: English

Info: Well hey there! I am back. I've decided to take an attempt in ROM hacking again, for those who don't know my bast billion attempts
were pathetic since all I could do was Map, Tile Insert (just!) and Music Hack (Without Loops!). Now, I'm relearning it all, and going
to try my hands at another hack.


The Terrik Region is split into 3 parts, Sicle, Terra and Grash.
Each part has it's own guardian which has protecting it since the dawn
of creation. Regice watches over Sicle, Regirock watches over Terra and Registeel
watches over Grash.

It's said that these 3 Pokémon have been a mystery for many centuries, appearing
in almost every legend and myth, and the last words of an ancient civilisation.
Anyone who can get their hands on all three Regi's will surely be able to gain
control of all 3 parts of Terrik.

You live in the Town of Miron, the most northern town in all of Terrik and Sicle,
you're nothing more than a mere child, not many people visit the town, and it's only
on the map, for Maxi's research on Pokémon Forme's and Abilities. But one day,
Maxi tells you a parcel has arrived for you in Worseth Town, and the only way to
get there is with a Pokémon. So naturally he gives you a Pokémon and sets you upon your way.

This is a draft of the region, an official map has not been made. yet.

So, yeah, Terrik Region is split into 3 parts, Sicle (north), Terra (West) and Grash (East).
Each part is divided by Mt. Andes, a Large mountain built up of the Volcanic Rock substance Andesite. It is said many eons ago, the Regi's and Arceus created the world from here. But who's to know?

S= Starting Town
#'s = Gym Towns.

  • Go up agaisnt Team Core
  • Catch all the Legendaries from Gen 1 - 3 including a few from 4.
  • Visit some of the Sinnoh Region
  • ...more to come...


Mum Script + Miron Town

Victory Vs! Trainer

Other things to note:
I'm not going to majorly hack tiles (yet!) At the moment I want to at least release a First Beta without the need of major uber high fancy Graphics.
Music Hacking is a thing to be done, just I need to relearn it and learn how to loop.

Progress Log
Mapping Miron Town Done!
Scripting Mom Event Done!
Offset used: 00800C00
Placeholding Maxi Script Done!
Mapping Route 1 Done!
Mapping Worseth Town Done!

Inserting Trainer Victory Theme Done!
Header Offset used: 0xEB0B20

Inserting Miron Town Theme Done!
Header Offset used: 0xEB0B21
Inserting Route 1 Theme
Header Offset used: 0xEB0B22
Header Offset: 0xEB0B22 was in used, moved to 0xEB0B23

The Progress Log will be updated at the end of everyday we update somethings, it's an easier way for you to keep track of what we are doing, and it's also and easy way for me to note things down, incase everything is lost on my Laptop.

The creators of the following tools;
Advance-Map, NSE[Classic], XSE and Free Space Finder
Team_Fail - the '[]' Looping tutorial, and major Sappy help.
diegoisawesome - XSE tutorial
Nosssab Blue - Scripting Help. (Huge thanks :l)
holmes102 - Story Help and General Idea's
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