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    [Psychic types do live in the mountain region in 3 of Lethia's key locations, similar to Gaia's heart where we found dragons.]

    Irek turned his head to ignore Charlie as he glared at him, pretending he didn't even exist as he trotted towards shadoanand hopped onto his shoulder. "Shadoan, you may want to return Avaith for the moment... If he's heartbroken and going to mope like this, he won't be ready to fight. He'll get himself hurt." Shadoan nodded as he called back avaith to his ball and turned towards Jack. "I'll tag along... Though I want to try the Study Up job once we finish." The job vendor called for the boys once more. with another map. "IF YOUR GOING TO DIG UP THE SUPPLIES. YOU NEED A MAP!" Shadoan walked towards the vendor and picked up the map with the job supplies and read it over. He then compared it to the base building information he purchased and walked back towards Jack. "Jack... How much do you know about fighting Psychic types?... The goods are buried in someplace called the Field of the Fallen, a meteorite crash site with stones that resonate PSI power, according to the information I bought." He paused a moment and shook his head. "It may be fine in the reaching there anyway. We just need to find a red stone sticking out of the grou-" He paused as a blue pidgey flew and landed on Shadoan's head with a letter addressed to Irek. The pidgey then flew off as Irek opened the letter. "..." "What is it Irek?" "Updates to the pokemon territories... All officers are given these to know what to avoid... I may have choosen to come and be your pokemon, but I'm still considered an officer in the leagues ranks... Let's move out, our stop at Leviathan's Bastion can wait." Irek replied as Shadoan walked forward towards the west exit. Before he took another step, he looked at his Gyro Gear to check the phone app. "... Looks like all 4 of our numbers are in here... Mine... Yours, Julia's and... Kiba's?" Shadoan taps Kiba's name as the phone app ran. There were a few rings followed up by a voice mail "The trainer 'Kiba' you are trying to reach can't come to the phone right now, please leave a message and we'll get back to you. -BEEEEEEP-" Shadoan sighed as he began to speak. "KIBA! WHERE ARE YOU?... Call us back please..." He hung up with the end call option on the touch screen and turned to Jack. "Shall we?" As they started walking, Irek continued to ignore Charlie as he reached into Shadoan's bag and pulled out some Silver Root. The white flowers glisted in the morning such as he extracted the pollen and covered Shadoan in it. "... Just being cautious."
    He replied as Shadoan sneezed once.

    Moon Rise Evolution

    Though the Ryhorn was taken care off, problems still rose above ground. Climbing out, there were still Beedrill and Kakuna's glaring at Xavier. The bugs make a strong advancement upon them.

    BATTLE...or run?
    Beedrill x 45 + 15 more per post made after this one, including the response post to this battle.
    -Poison Sting
    -Fury Cutter

    Rise With The Sun!

    As Jimmy walked forward, the cloaked beings had vanished from sight, but no the zombies. As the roam thorugh the tunnels, there were cracks of sunlight shining through the ceiling as the horde avoided the rays of light. In one of these spot lights was a trainer; Skin tint had returned to normal, the flame mark had evaporated and there were not any signed of any bite marks. However the trainer looked like he had been through a lot. The body was covered in scars and dirt as if he had been beaten around by other pokemon. The trainer seems to be breathing. Either break from the pack and save the trainer; Thus exposing yourself to the horde or continue on with them...
    There's also the option of waiting for the horde to leave and recover the trainer, however you will completely allow the horde to slip through you hands and you will have more difficulty trying to find them again.

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