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    Thank you The_Mew
    Really nice one

    So now I try to show you my playthrough
    My Team before I fight Roxanne (Ninjask - Ninja - Naruto)

    OMG. Naruto got critted by the first Geodude's Rock Tomb, so I had do fight with Mudkip, SRY
    I hate Wingulls, I had to use Mudkip again - but after this battle I put Mudkip to the PC

    My new Team Member: Fat Boy

    My Team before I fight the Gym Leader
    First it went good for me
    But Vital Throw doesn't miss and I lost the fight

    But I managed it (very close) on my second try
    Bulk Up is perfect for Fat Boy

    I never understood that
    And The_Mew joined the crew
    Sorry, it's female