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    At the beginning I had the same idea to use a specialty ball to use for capturing Shadow Pokemon, my thoughts were the Dusk Ball or Dark Ball (4ever). If I do plan to use that concept, I want to make custom villainous-type ball (Rocket/Magma/Aqua: Used in TCG/Anime) that would snag Pokemon. Team Static and Serial INC could of easily manifested such an item.

    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    how are you going to work around hyper mode/calling and running during a battle?
    Well... Essentials has the basic framework of the process of battling/capturing Shadow Pokemon, but I will find a way to include all of your suggestions...even during single battles that Colosseum/XD didn't include. Thanks for question!

    Also just updated the Features page with this information about Shadow Pokemon and a cool new idea...see spoiler:
    As suggested in the Essentials Wiki, I plan to give the player access to making their very own Shadow Pokémon with a hidden Serial Inc. project named the CC (Closed Core) Machine. The player will gather DNA samples of Pokémon and insert that data into the machine. This will then cause Serial Scientists to appear throughout Serene that will hold that Pokémon until the player comes to retrieve it. A few scientist will request a battle in return, some ask for payment for deliver, and the rest willingly hand them over.

    Fire Flyy, I know it is a lot... but I dream big. I had the same idea to only include the Serene region, but I want to see how far RPG Maker XP can go without falling apart. It will be a risk I will take along the way.. Thanks for the comment though! I really appreciate the feedback, guys.

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