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    Julyanne "Julian" Eigis

    Julyanne sighed as she kept an eye on her sister, listening to the discussions Willow and the others were having.

    She doesn't know what to say, really. Nothing interesting piques her interest. When they suggested that they leave and go to the disturbance, that's when she draws the line.

    "Hold on. You do not honestly think that going there is a good idea, do you? Do not forget that we must return to the Professor soon, and the walk to the next town should take quite a while. It's quite foolish to think that we can even do anything, even if said cause of trouble is the group we are looking for.

    Look at us, we are starting trainers with Pokemon ill-fit to fight Pokemon that has defeated countless much more experienced trainers than us. I agree we should help, but going there right now as is will be suicide."