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    Kemono Vera
    Kaitlyn's lip curled slightly at the sight of the crying DAEMON using the emotes to interact with the world and DAEMONs around her, some things that she'd never taken the time to learn or use in her solo explorations and random loot drops in The Plains. There hadn't been any point to it before, though giving context for her stated words would probably prove useful. Otherwise, she could be taken as some kind of bot. Though, thinking to herself, having some bots to aid the makeshift party would prove very useful, if she could borrow more CPUs and download the programs.

    But those were for another time; Ryuujinx had came up with a plan that Vera would be useful for, considering her many years spent exploiting evasion and timing, which would allow her to both fight the enemy and switch between other attacking foes for stunlocking. That would probably require some crits, which she unfortunately didn't have the loot for. Yet, anyway, as the crying DAEMON seemed to think that plenty of loot would be dropped. Not that she'd have minded sharing it with the others, but lacking basic equipment was quite the detriment.

    "Sounds good." Vera said, a second passing after the message popped up before the DAEMON's head nodded in response. "Can fight first, if no volunteers." She'd learned to ignore trolls, leaving the space where the monkey stood as a practical blank spot on her screen.