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    Leon now had a travel buddy and on a brighter note he also had a travel buddy that wasn't annoying. He just needed to take a few more steps out of Route 1 and into his first city on his road to becoming a coordinator. As he was walking, his travelling partner, Grey asked him a question. "I know we just met, but first chance we get, do you want to enter a tag team contest with me? I know there's not contest halls in Unova, but there must be some type of town-held contest somewhere. So whaddya say?" Grey said, holding his hand out for a high five. Leon looked at Grey with a discerned look. He then bent down and started looking at Grey's Eevee. "Before we enter a contest together, how about you tell me about your Eevee's moveset and if you have any other Pokemon I would need to know their moveset too. My Snivy isn't quite primed for contest and neither is Paws, my Lilipup. However, we could make up lack of experience and move pool capabilities if we work together in a way. So at the moment, it's not a no but I would also say that it is definitely not a yes. For now we should focus on getting out of this route then heading to the gym." Leon started to walk when suddenly he turned around. "Wait a second, can you even collect gym badges as a member of Team Plasma?" Leon asked as he and Grey walked out of Route 1 and into the first city. Leon waited for Grey's response and as he waited a group of people started to surround him and Grey while carrying Pokeballs. "Guess you have to hold that thought, we've got a battle royale on our hands!"
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