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    Elene Merlin
    Girl's Dorm
    Elene allowed Gavin to make his promise and leave, with nothing but a small smile on her lips. His words did not dignify an answer, and any danger to her was a simply ludicrous concept. There was absolutely no reason for her to attack the other students of the school, save to prove a point or for self-defense, because then there would be nobody left to be in awe of her. Of course, there were those who could try to sow discord in her personal rule, but they knew not what she knew they knew not of what was and she knew. Regardless, the events of the day had gone far more in her favor than anticipated, and left the Vampire with nothing more to do than retire to her quarters and meet whichever being she'd share them with. Or that Marilyn would, for the most part.

    She rose from the couch with a wave of her hand, that sent the crimson ice-dust scattering through the air, to be picked up by a stray wind and carried out of the window. It was merely showing off for herself, of course, but such fortituitous moments of weather were not to be wasted. Anybody could have been watching her at any point, after all. With her other hand, she sweeped up her violin case and placed the silly straw to her blood bag back between her pale lips. She moved through the halls of the girl's dorm with gliding steps and suckling at the tip of the blood bag, until she arrived to her quarters and stretched her arms wide.

    The roommate hadn't yet arrived, but 'twas only a matter of time, that Elene sought to cover by placing her violin case besides her bed and placing her shoes away in the closet. After that, she approached the border of the mirror and gazed into them, having discarded her wig and contact lenses to run through her beautifully bouncy silver locks with a similarly extravagant brush. She'd manage to see the roommate through the mirror, and allow either herself or Marilyn to take over, depending on her first impression of the girl.
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