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In every generation, we've had an establishment known as the Pokemon Daycare where we can drop off a Pokemon and allow it to accrue Experience as we traveled. There's also the added feature, in Gen II and beyond, of having two Pokemon in the Daycare so that they may breed and produce offspring.

What do you hope to see concerning the Daycare in Gen VI? Would you like more of an interactive component, or would you rather things be left untouched?

Personally, I'd love for the Daycare to be run by your mother, or even be inherited by you so that you can actually interact with the Pokemon you leave there. That could add an entirely new dimension to the raising of Pokemon!

Imagine being able to leave not one, not two, but up to six Pokemon in the Daycare Center and then being able to train those Pokemon using special equipment and such that you can purchase in-game? You'd even be able to leave your Pokemon there and assign exercises for them to participate in when you're not at the Daycare yourself! As far as breeding, there could be a special item or structure you can purchase where two of your six Pokemon can be deposited in order to produce an Egg. Obviously, the Pokemon would have to be compatible. And, as for Eggs themselves, you can buy an incubator (Or even a portable one) in order to hatch the Eggs faster!

Thoughts? Ideas?
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