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Outside the Gerudo Valley
Mira's mouth opened to explain the scents of the tent, and use them as an excuse for the foreign messages that came to her lips, but her tongue was tied by the scream that followed and the presence of night's children rising from their golden graves. She winced ever so slightly at the sound, her ears instantly numbing themselves for fear of confusion and dazing that may have followed, but her mind was assaulted by the thoughts of Nadia in a warning that would have gone missing, were Mira's attention to turn towards the red-hooded girl herself. Thorn's reaction contained far more wincing and stumbling, but the glint in her eyes told of the impression Nadia's scream had left; she used her voice to make magic happen, as well, but that would not serve well against the foe that Mira's eyes rested upon.

Or attempted to, as they found the lantern that rested just as inch away. Formulating a plan happened quickly, as Mira was assailed by knowledge of how to defeat such a creature whose form was incorporeal. Striking would not work, no matter how many muscles she laced around her bones, nor would attempting to use sunlight, for it had stalked away beneath a black shroud. Immediately, she needed to escape whatever attack would follow from one so close, in combination with the swift response that would necessitate the ghoul's defeat. First, her mutable magic slipped away, turning Mira from the visage of a Hylian teen to the Twili woman that lied beneath, though no less beautiful. The magic instead slipped to her legs and spine, as she ducked sharply down by her knees.

The Twili's back slammed into the sand, followed by the slice of a scythe through where she had just stood, and Thorn's quick dart into the air above the invisible Poe. Mira was not a fighter of most kinds, yet there was some initiative that needed to be taken in her plan. Mira sprung back to her standing stance, as the shrouded scythe's swing ended, snatched away the glass dagger that stuck to her waist, and sunk its tip into the tip of the hanging lantern; the glass shattered just enough to send fear through the creature whose soul it housed. Thorn darted back down, landing on the barrier between Mira and the Poe.

"Know fear as your soul lies twisted on the end of my blade; Poe are more intelligent than the ghouls that lurk mindlessly. Hear my plea," Mira's gaze was fixed on the lantern, as opposed to whatever eyes the invisible creature may have possessed. "Leave myself all who would be my allies in peace, and your life will be spared. Should you agree and not abide by the rules, the magics of Apsaras the Gilded Thorn will force vengeance upon your head in a form you may never have dreamed, in all your delusions of hatred." The air was still around the trio, as the Poe decided upon its agreement, and for several still seconds made no move, before the glass dagger glowed briefly beneath Thorn's feet and it retreated from the lantern; the pact between Twili and Poe completed.

Mira sheathed the dagger, the lantern undamaged, as Thorn flew to her side, and turned to face the little mage that wandered upon the camp. There was another slice of air, as the Poe's scythe sought the Twili's neck, but it paused with a cold breeze across the woman's cheek. Where the Poe stood, invisible to any eye, a small orb of light formed. It grew within the creature, revealing its form as beams of sunlight began to burst out through its cloak, its eyes, and anything that may have resembled its body, before the orb exploded in a blinding flash and left naught but a wisp of purple mist in its wake.

"They never listen, do they?" Thorn muttered, slightly amused by the results of the Poe breaking their pact, yet saddened. Just one creature accepting peace would have been a victory, and well worth that potion of her power.