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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
Oh, Live.

But yeah, Light doesn't work either in the sense of actual light (Psychic, Fire, Electric, and some moves of other types cover this already) or in the sense of "goodness" since Fighting sort of covers this as a type (in the sense of fighting fairly), Pokemon have a happiness level, and in general Pokemon is already a kind of default "good" when they've bonded with their trainer. How can you get more good than good?
It doesn't mean if they make a "Light" it has too be on the good side.
Ithink the Light type moves will not make much damage at all. Since light only hurts the eyes (A refrence of the move Flash).

Nor types like Glass, Crytal, Beast, would suit or make sense.

The only logical types in my mind are Sound and Cosmic/Space types.
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