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Monotypes are so much fun. Here's a bit more of my adventure with Water pokémon on pokémon FireRed.
-Beat Green on the ghost tower on Lavender
-Went to Celadon get my eevee.
-Evolved my eevee into my favorite pokémon, Vaporeon.
-Taught Vaporeon Water Pulse. There goes my first TM...
-Got the Silph Scope, leveled a few levels on my vaporeon
-Went to the tower to train a bit with the ghosts and earn a few more levels
-Beat Marowak and learned Aurora Beam as an added bonus. Get ready Erika, here I come.
-Won the PokéFlute, fought against snorlax and defeated it. It gave me some trouble, I captured it for my Strength slave.
-Got the Super Rod, time to do some fishin'!
-Caught a Horsea!
-Went to Vermillion to stock up on pokéballs and fished a Shelder!
-Finally went against Erika, after so many detours... And beat her and her crew with Vaporeon only. Just switched to Gyarados to finish Erika, so that he could earn some Exp.
-Got Fly, caught a Spearow to be my slave.

Stopped the game on Celadon.
Level 27 Horsea
Level 41 Vaporeon
Level 38 Gyarados
Level 40 Blastoise
2 HM slaves: Oddish and Spearow.

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