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Ryuu Higoroshi
Chapter 1: 3C's Homeroom teacher
Classroom 13

Ryuu listened to the complaints Solo had and started to feel anger growing inside him when this Lycan called him a girl. This was it, this guy is getting detention! right now! Ryuu tried to calm down and sighed to let out all the anger that had gathered inside him for a brief moment. He brushed the back of his head before opening his eyes again to glare at the naughty boy. "Strike 3, you're coming with me now." Ryuu said in a way a bishounen would in an Anime, really cool.

Ryuu moved behind Solo and picked him up with one hand by holding the collar of his shirt. Like a mother wolf picking up her puppy's but this was different because... well... Ryuu is a male. Some students would probably think that Higoroshi-sensei is a Vampire when he would walk past them however, this was not the case. Ryuu's Youkai identity was unknown, and he wanted it to keep it like that.

Ryuu noticed Solo was awfully light which made it easier for him to carry him away even though his arms were starting to hurt already. "Naughty dogs should be punished." Ryuu said as he left the boys dorms and entered the Youkai school. Once he was back at his save harbor he let go of Solo And placed him on a seat forward him. "Read this and make an essay about it." Ryuu trew a random human history book forward Solo and sat down on his chair behind his desk. "You're staying here untill it's done, if you refuse..." Ryuu cracked his knuckles and once again glared at the idiot that had called him a girl. "Things won't get pleasant." he finished his sentence with a evil smile on his lips.

Maya Nami Kyuuketsuki
Chapter 1: The roommate
Dorm Room

Takumi thanked Nami for showing him where the dorms were and walked off after waving nicely at her. Nami couldn't help but blush a little. "See you later!" Nami waved as well and proceeded to the girls dorms, this boy... his blood smelled nice, his hair was cool, his face was handsome... Nami smiled at herself and entered the girls Dorm. It was huge, the hallways, the seemed-to-be living room... everything. Nami shaked her head to wake her up out her little daydream, right now she had to check if she was sharing a dorm room with someone.

It took awhile before she finally found a dorm room saying "Nami Kyuuketsuki & Elene Merlin". Nami blinked a few times and couldn't help but feel a little nervous, she heard a door closing inside her dorm room, was Elene inside? what kind of Youkai would she be? It seemed like she indeed had to share a dorm room, not a problem, but she won't be able to walk around in her Vampire form like this.

Nami opened the door room and found a girl inside, with silver hair? So she was a Vampire as well... The girl was looking in a mirror, as if she was expecting her and trying to make this unnoticable but still able to see Nami when she would walk in.

"Wow... you're a Vampire?" Nami's first comment was on this girl as she glanced at her with her suprised expression. "I see... just like me." Nami closed the door and dropped her human disguise to show her beautiful silver hair and her crimson eyes. "Oh! how rude of me... my name is Nami Kyuuketsuki." Nami introduced herself to the girl who was probably Elene. "Seems like i'm your roommate from now on."

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