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    Nail biting
    Laughing? xD
    Doing absolutely nothing for extended periods of time
    Staring down anybody who looks at me until they look away
    Crossing my pinky with my ring finger when nervous and tightening the grip as I get more nervous
    Eating off the skin from the inside of my top lip and fingers
    Hot baths
    Being naked, home alone
    Acting dumb
    Smacking someone over the head
    Flirting with friends, never anything serious
    Flirting with strangers xD
    Putting my leg to sleep to get that zap feeling
    Taking notes? xD
    Speaking Spanish
    Speaking French
    Speaking Binary
    Putting my leg behind my head
    Stretching arm around my head 'til I touch that ear
    Bending my leg so the sole of my foot is parallel to my waist (I'm really flexible xD)
    And more... xD
    Oh and overusing xD
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