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    SOLO the LYCAN
    The Classroom...?

    Chapter One: Part Five
    Reluctant Beginnings

    Well, this was... Infuriating. However, he decidedly remained silent all of the way there. On top of that, he refused to move. Like hell if he gave the teacher any help. Not that he needed it. He decided to just let out his temper once he got there. Oh, and what do you know!

    "Read this and make an essay about it." The teacher threw some ridiculous book about human history at him. "You're staying here until it's done, if you refuse... Things won't get pleasant."

    Solo shook his head, pretending he was actually reading this garbage for a few seconds. He then stood himself up, cleared his throat, and walked forward until he stood in front of the teacher's desk. "Ahem... I'd like to present my report orally." Without waiting for the teacher to respond, as he'd probably say no, Solo just went ahead and started. He held his fingers in an upward direction, against his stomach, the book hovering above it. As he spoke, his voice was riddled with anger and also a hint of snide remark.

    "Humans, a race of two-legged skinsacks from the Planet Earth. They claim they're the dominant species, though thousands of them die every day. And they complain about us animals overpopulating, when they easily form a majority of the planet now. They kill for fun more often than they do for food. Why? Because it makes them feel good about themselves. Because they're so ignorant to other species that they take enjoyment out of KILLING US!!" Solo's tone had heightened to a yell, his fist clenched and swung to the right, sending the hovering book flying directly into the wall with a loud smack, followed by a slightly less loud landing.

    Solo, clearly too overly frustrated with the subject itself, was breathing angrily. Instead of facing the teacher for whatever he planned to do, Solo immediately turned and stormed toward the back of the classroom, slamming his arm into the wall, and then... Just resting it there. Soon he found himself leaning against the wall, resting his head against his arm. His mood had suddenly dropped, but there was no doubt spite in his tone now. "Go ahead and punish me however you like... It won't change anything."

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